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Insights Platform : Million Minds

We have spent the last 5 years developing our Million Minds AI health social insights platform.  Powered by a vast global dataset, it offers our partners unique access to value-adding insight.  With multiple lenses, it enables us to segment the data to understand perspectives across symptoms, co-morbidities, treatments, lifestyle impact, risk factors and treatments. 

Global Reach

Accesses an unlimited dataset, segmented by language, country and in some cases region 

Increased depth
& unbiased design

Patients typically share much more detail anonymously than face-to-face, and are listened to vs asked about experiences

Robustly created using clinically validated datasets

(Human Phenotype Ontology, Disease Ontology, International classification of diseases, ORPHA.NET)

Proprietary tools and taxonomy

Built on White Swan knowledge graph IP, leverages Black Swan algorithms & tech

Circumnavigates health inequalities

Provides insight into hard-to-reach groups in society, and rare disease patients, at scale

Innovatively combines the patient voice with academic papers

Enabling refining of research priorities using the patient voice and discovery of under-served areas

Agile and Fast

Highly agile approach when compared to traditional market research. Ability to deep dive into key areas

Category agnostic

Data can be segmented by condition, groups of conditions, symptoms, lifestyle and risk factors and treatments


Our work

See how we use technology and analytics to unlock the patient’s voice and improve the health of society

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Case studies

See how Million Minds has helped organisations to improve the health of society

Working at home

Our people

Meet our wonderful team of employees, trustees, volunteers, clinical advisors and friends at Black Swan

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