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Our Work

What we do

By leveraging Million Minds, our proprietary health social insights platform, we unlock the power of the patient's voice, helping clinicians, researchers, charities and healthcare organisations accelerate diagnosis, develop more effective treatments, deliver better patient care and support prevention across a wide variety of health conditions worldwide.  


How we can help

We offer commissioned consultancy work and charitable projects, using all funds raised to deliver on our charitable mission. Million Minds delivers unbiased patient-centric insights at pace, through multiple lenses (eg. symptoms, lifestyle factors, risks), on a global scale.  We can work across any health condition, having already delivered insights in oncology, dementia, arthritis, mental health and rare diseases to name a few.  

Million Minds Insights Platform

Million Minds is a patient-centric health social insights platform which enables access to the power of the patient’s voice, to improve the health of society. Innovative and agile, it is powered by a vast global dataset of millions of online conversations, utilising a winning combination of patient, academic and healthcare professional perspectives.  With its clinically validated health taxonomies, it enable insights generation in any condition, including rare diseases.


Who we work with

We work with a wide variety of organisations across the not-for-profit and commercial sectors, including clinicians and health care professionals, charities, academics, government and public sector organisations, healthcare providers, companies and pharmaceuticals.

As the first charity to ever be accepted on the DigitalHealthLondon Accelerator Scheme (a highly competitive scheme for digital health innovators), we have also appreciated the support of London’s NHS to help shape our development of Million Minds. 


Leading edge technology

Million Minds utilises Black Swan’s leading-edge technology, NLP and AI techniques, combined with our own proprietary taxonomies to enable our dedicated team of experts to make sense of complex datasets.  We have spent years and thousands of hours of clinical expertise to ensure our data is validated and capable of delivering actionable insights.

Our approach

Utilising Million Minds, our approach is agile, flexible and fast.  We pride ourselves in delivering robust, unbiased, cost-effective insight, at scale.  So whether you're interested in rare disease patients or patients with greater scale for a condition such as dementia, we can help.  We can segment the data to view multiple perspectives enabling unprecedented patient-centric insight. Most importantly, we always deliver on our promises. 

Grandmother and Granddaughter


I have looked at hundreds of paper-based patient surveys in the past and can definitely see this digital approach is the future. We want to be at the forefront of patient care, so I was genuinely excited when I read the report – this has the potential to have a significant positive impact on patient experience at The Royal Marsden. 

Eammon Sullivan, Chief Nurse, Royal Marsden NHS Trust.


We are passionate about using data for good.  We specialise in leveraging social data as we have found it is a hugely under-utilised and invaluable source of patient-centric insight, when analysed effectively. We offer social analytics, not merely social listening, combining data sources with public medical research data and academic papers.

Our data


Our story

Discover how the power of social data to save and transform a life inspired the start of White Swan

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Case studies

See how Million Minds has helped organisations to improve the health of society

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Our people

Meet our wonderful team of employees, trustees, volunteers, clinical advisors and friends at Black Swan

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