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Our Data

We have a huge amount of data at our fingertips. With over 4 billion people sharing their experiences online and 80% of people using it for health-related content.  The challenge is making sense of it; seeing patterns, turning data into insight.   This is where our unique analytics capability comes to the fore.  We have spent 5 years building our Million Minds AI social insight platform, and the clinically validated taxonomies that sit behind this.

Social media enables users to share their wants, needs, challenges and preferences instantly, at any hour of the day.  And it isn’t just patients, it also encompasses views and experiences of clinicians, carers, relatives and the broader community. 

We access over 200 million conversations on a regular basis and have unlimited reach with our Million Minds AI social insight platform. This means we can tell you what is being said, by whom, where, when, and understand the context of the conversation.  Not only is the value of analysing social data recognised by clinical regulatory bodies including the FDA and European Medicines Agency, the biggest testament to the value of this data is how its analysis led to a successful diagnosis for Julie, which saved her life.

We are passionate about using data for good – to improve the health of society.  We only use anonymised data.  We don’t work with private data – only data that has been publicly shared.   We don’t monetise data and we don’t distribute data to other parties.  We only use data with the sole purpose of improving health.  We comply with all appropriate legislation (such as GDPR).

If you are interested to work with us and would like to find out more about our data sources please contact us at


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